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1. liter window cleaner for acrylic & plexiglass "NEW CAWO CLEAN"

1 literCAWO CLEAN CW55 Ready-to-use windshield cleaner including trigger sprayer

is the NEW oneenvironmentally friendly special cleanerfor acrylic and plastic panes and all coated and uncoated surfaces.

CAWO CLEAN CW55 is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The protective film prevents static electricity.


Designed for: Caravan - Caravan - Boats etc.
Excellent window cleaner for all plastic windows - acrylic glass - Plexiglas


Carefully remove coarse dirt and dust particles before wet cleaning.

Spray onto the windows, then clean the dirty surface with a microfiber cloth/drying cloth.

When cleaning, do not put too much pressure on the plastic window.

If it is very dirty, repeat the cleaning process if necessary.

Microfiber cloth must always be clean. If necessary, wash microfiber cloth beforehand.

Do not mix the cleaner with other cleaners.

Please follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before use.

1. liter window cleaner for acrylic & plexiglass "NEW CAWO CLEAN"

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1 Liter
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