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Pack of 5 Vileda Professional Display Microfibre Cloths, 38x40cm, Quick Star Micro

Pack of 5 Vileda Professional microfiber cloths, Micro Sorb

for LCD/TFT/LED/OLED+Plasma display cloth

Accessories for: Car displays - monitors, TV monitors, navigation systems, large screens, cash register systems, computer monitors, notebooks, tablets,
Smartphone and SmartPads... and much more.


Contents: 5 wipes
Dimensions: approx. 38x40cm
Color green

Wash up to 220 times without loss of quality.
Washable up to 95 degrees. Do not tumble dry or use fabric softener.



Pack of 5 Vileda Professional Display Microfibre Cloths, 38x40cm, Quick Star Micro

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  • The ROGGE & Vileda Professional microfiber cloth made from patented microfiber production. 3840cm washable up to 95 degrees. The cloth was given a very good rating by well-known manufacturers in 2011 through special tests. The cloth can be ironed, chlorine bleached and dry cleaned. Microfiber cleaning cloths are versatile and do not lint. When it comes to cleaning, the cloth offers exceptional performance and removes dirt, dust, liquids, grease and toner - both in the home and in demanding industrial applications. The microfilaments are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair and 5 to 10 times finer than other types of microfiber. These extremely fine microfilaments make the cloth particularly powerful in removing dust, dirt and other contaminants. Due to the very large specific surface area, it can absorb large amounts of liquid thanks to its own weight. In contrast to short fibers, microfilaments are infinitely long, which prevents any lint from forming. Consequently, it is an ideal material for sensitive surfaces, whether for protection or cleaning purposes. No marks, no lint deposits. The Prof. Microfiber cloth is the ideal solution for sensitive surfaces, displays, glass, windows, etc. It does not contain any binding agents or solvents. There is no irritation when it comes into contact with the skin. These properties work equally in all directions, ie the material remains dimensionally stable - even after intensive use and frequent washing.
    - streak-free cleaning
    - environmentally friendly, 38x40cm display cleaning cloth
    - extremely low lint,
    for all smooth and sensitive surfaces
    - perfect in combination with ROGGE Screnn Cleaner
    - patented microfiber, extremely soft, washable up to 220 times

ROGGE DUO-Clean Original 250ml
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