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Pack of 5 ROGGE & Vileda Professional Display microfibre cloths, 38x40cm

Pack of 5 ROGGE & Vileda Professional Display microfiber cloths

The perfect cleaning cloth for your displays
and all smooth and sensitive surfaces.

Dimensions: 38x40cm - Color: blue - Washable up to 220 times without loss of quality!

Contents: 5 wipes


The RYE & Vileda Professional microfiber cloth is the microfiber cloth among microfiber cloths.
Thanks to a special and patented manufacturing process, this cloth is particularly soft, lint-free, voluminous and therefore sits extremely well in the hand.

The RYE & Compared to our other universal cloths, Vileda Professional has excellent quality and absorbs dirt, dust and water even better.

The removal of silicones, oils, fats and other dirt particles on the display is no problem.

This makes this microfiber cloth versatile and usable, for example as a glass cloth,

or for high-gloss kitchens and very sensitive surfaces.

If possible, wash the microfiber cloth after use or wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry. This ensures streak-free display cleaning


  • High absorption capacity of dust, dirt and water
  • Good feel thanks to high volume
  • Particularly gentle on sensitive display – glass surfaces
  • wash up to 220x without loss of quality
  • 70% polyester microfiber + 30% polyamide microfiber
  • 95 °C - Maximum washing temperature
  • Sustainable – Efficient – Economical – Environmentally friendly
  • Cloth size: 38 x 40 cm
  • Do not put in the dryer & do not use fabric softener
  • It's best to dry it on the heater or line


Efficient and hygienic cleaning with the ROGGE & Vileda Professional microfiber cloth

The patented Vileda Professional Micron Fiber technology offers the finest split microfibers on the market. Achieve deeper and more effective cleaning in hygienically sensitive areas and remove 99.99% of bacteria and germs*. The cleaning cloth is ideal for processed cleaning methods that sustainably reduce the use of chemicals and save water and time.

Pack of 5 ROGGE & Vileda Professional Display microfibre cloths, 38x40cm

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  • 70% polyester microfiber + 30% polyamide microfiber

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