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MEGA cleaning set ​for coffee - milk foam systems

MEGA cleaning set

Coffee machine cleaning products

High-quality cleaning products for private households and restaurants,
which are precisely tailored to the requirements in all areas of coffee preparation:

• Cleaning tablets for espresso and coffee machines
• Liquid cleaner for coffee machines
• Cleaner for milk frothers
• Descaler for coffee machines and hot water devices


Included in the set:
The perfect cleaning set for your machine park.... ​

1x cleaning tablets for fully automatic coffee machines. 30 tablets of 1.3 g each


1x Two in One descaler + cleaner in one product, for all pad and capsule machines for coffee and tea!  250ml cleaning concentrate for 5 applications ​


1x 1L. Milk foam cleaner

Quick and easy cleaning.

MEGA cleaning set ​for coffee - milk foam systems

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ROGGE DUO-Clean Original 250ml
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