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Milk foam cleaner & cleaning tablets for coffee machines & fully automatic machines

Milk foam cleaner & Cleaning tablets for coffee machines, fully automatic machines, cream machines, cappuccino machines.


ROGGE milk foam cleaner and cream cleaner.
1 liter of highly concentrated machine cleaner for removing milk fats, milk stone and stubborn or other contaminants in milk frothers, cream machines, cappuccino machines. Made 100% in Germany.


  • Quick and easy cleaning of all milk-carrying parts
  • Safe for everyday use
  • Hygiene cleaning
  • Suitable for all machines and frothers available on the market
  • Cream machines and whipper devices can also be cleaned


The milk frother cleaner that is tested in the laboratorytested by the TU Munich/Weihenstephan.

Result: 99.998% of all germs and bacteria are killed.


Cleaning tablets for coffee machines 1.3g - 30 pieces

The cleaning tabs specially developed for fully automatic coffee and espresso machines remove coffee oils and coffee fats safely and completely.


During development, great importance was placed on the stability of the tablet while maintaining an ideal dissolution time. The use of the highest quality ingredients and the constant control and optimization of the manufacturing process guarantee the unrivaled quality of our cleaning tablets.


100% hygiene with ROGGE coffee machine cleaners

  • Specially developed for cleaning brew groups
  • Highly effective against coffee fats & Coffee oils
  • Quickly soluble, residue-free, odorless
  • Gentle on materials for a long service life of the coffee machine
  • Suitable for many coffee machines
  • 30 pieces each 1.3g

Milk foam cleaner & cleaning tablets for coffee machines & fully automatic machines

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ROGGE DUO-Clean Original 250ml
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