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ROG 3 pack, super soft microfibre cloth 20x20cm

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ROGGE 3 pack, super soft microfibre cloth 20x20cm, blue. For touchscreens, smartphones, TV / LCD - super soft, 3-pack from ROGGE Professional

ROG 3 pack, super soft microfibre cloth 20x20cm

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  • The ROGGE SuperSoft microfiber cloth is used for the optimal care and cleaning of highly sensitive surfaces. Powerful microfibre cloth The specially treated microfibre gives the cloth a very velvety structure so that fingerprints and stains are removed quickly and effectively. The cloth ensures a streak and lint-free shine on your surfaces. The velvety ROGGE microfiber cloth makes sensitive surfaces shine without scratching them. The cloth is available in a handy format - always ready for use. Clear view for sharp images
ROGGE DUO-Clean Original 250ml
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