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ROGGE microfibre waffle towel for kitchen & household

The RYE Home & Kitchen microfiber cloth

Due to its light waffle structure, it is able to quickly and effectively absorb even coarser dirt.

The high-quality structure makes it easier to remove stubborn dirt and makes it the ideal aid for cleaning visors, plastic surfaces in the automotive sector and in industry.

The cleaning cloths also fit very well in the hand and are comfortable to use.


  • Waffle structure for optimal and quick dirt absorption
  •  for stubborn dirt
  •  Ideal as a cleaning cloth in industry
  •  pleasant to handle


  • High absorption capacity of dust, dirt and water              
  • Good feel thanks to high volume
  • Particularly gentle on sensitive surfaces            
  • Weight: 320gsm
  • 80% polyester microfiber + 20% polyamide microfiber        
  • 95°C - Maximum washing temperature
  • Sustainable – Efficient – Economical – Environmentally friendly           
  • Cloth size: 40 x 40 cm

ROGGE microfibre waffle towel for kitchen & household

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ROGGE DUO-Clean Original 250ml
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