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SC1188-2 display microfiber cloth blue 40x40cm

The Screen Clean 1188  is the NEW classic among microfiber towels.
Thanks to a special finish, this cloth is particularly soft, voluminous and therefore lies very comfortably in the hand.

Compared to our other universal towels, the SC1188 has the highest pile and thus absorbs dirt, dust and water even better. Also the removal of silicones, oils, greases and other dirt particles  the display is not a problem. This makes this microfibre SC1188 versatile and usable, for example as a household towel, glass & kitchen towel, duster or for high-gloss kitchens.


  • High absorption capacity for dust, dirt and water              
  • Good feel due to high volume
  • Particularly gentle on sensitive display glass surfaces    
  • Weight: 300 g / m²
  • Cloth size: 40 x 40 cm
  • 80% polyester microfiber + 20% polyamide microfiber         
  • 95 ° C - maximum washing temperature
  • Sustainable - efficient - economical - environmentally friendly           

SC1188-2 display microfiber cloth blue 40x40cm

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