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Vileda MicroOne disposable microfiber cloth 50 pieces blue

Vileda Professional disposable microfiber cloth

MicroOne is a disposable cloth with excellent cleaning performance. It is ideal for wiping hard surfaces in areas with high hygiene requirements or when there is no logistics solution for laundry.

MicroOne consists of 100% extra-fine microfibers.

A pack of 50 wipes in a resealable plastic bag.

Easy and hygienic handling

MicroOne is packaged in practical plastic bags for hygienic transport and handling. Each cloth has been folded in a Z shape and can therefore be easily removed even when wearing gloves.

If hygiene is a priority, then the wipes in the resealable bag, which fits into the 6 liter bucket with lid from Vileda Professional, can simply be soaked with disinfectant solution.

The concept of a plastic bag in the bucket prevents the bucket from coming into contact with the wet wipes. Leaving no residue or dirt in the bucket prevents bacterial growth on the inside of the bucket.

The lid of the bucket can be easily opened and closed with one hand, which prevents the cloths from drying out. The Micro One concept was developed for processing, but it is also suitable for bucket and spray methods.

Product advantages 

  • Disposable microfiber wipe
  • Ideal for wiping hard surfaces in hygiene-sensitive areas 
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria and germs from surfaces without disinfectants (certified by BMA)
  • The packaging concept was developed for safe and easy processing and hygienic handling



  • Disposable cloth made from 100% split microfiber.
  • Suitable for areas with high hygiene requirements.
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.
  • Ideal for cloth preparation, also suitable for bucket or spray methods. 

The 4-color system offers easy differentiation of the cloths and individual adaptation to the hygiene system Application: 

Dry, wet and damp 



Store products on pallets in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. The product is not subject to transport regulations for dangerous goods or chemicals. Disposal via landfill or incineration possible. Please observe local regulations. 



This product has been manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards within the FHCS quality system.

Vileda MicroOne disposable microfiber cloth 50 pieces blue

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  • 70% polyester 30% polyamide

    Weight per unit area 50 g/m²

    Thickness 0.3mm

    Water absorption, dry 510%

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