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Vileda Professional MicroRoll 200 Tüchern

Vileda Professional Micro Roll (roll of 200 wipes)

100% microfiber cleaning power

Nothing cleans as deeply as microfibers. A single wipe removes grease and fingerprints without scrubbing or drying.

How? The ultra-fine microfibers literally scrape the dirt from the surface and absorb it, leaving nothing but tiny water droplets. You save time and money because the job can be done with little or no chemicals.


MicroRoll consists of endless microfibers from the patented Freudenberg technology. It was developed as a semi-disposable wipe on a roll. Cross-contamination is not an issue. There are no laundry costs. Excellent price-performance ratio.


Hygiene and safety

MicroRoll is not only hygienic because it is a disposable solution. MicroRoll's cleaning performance removes 99.9% of bacteria. This was proven in tests at an independent institute in the UK: Microsearch Laboratories.



MicroRoll enables a one-step cleaning process. MicroRoll is suitable for both bucket and spray cleaning methods. It can be used on all waterproof surfaces, such as desks, cabinets, bars, tables, etc. MicroRoll is also suitable for sanitary areas, such as sinks, toilets or tiles.


Product advantages

  • High-quality and high-performance microfiber wipes
  • Streak-free cleaning on stainless steel, glass and shiny surfaces 
  • Lint-free due to continuous fiber technology
  • Extremely tear-resistant
  • Perforated roll of 200 wipes, 25 x 35 cm
  • Up to 99.99% virus removal (tested with Bovine Coronavirus on vinyl surfaces in an external laboratory)

Vileda Professional MicroRoll 200 Tüchern

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  • Zusammensetzung 70 % Polyester 30 % Polyamid

    Flächengewicht 50 g/m³

    Dicke 0.20 mm

    Wasseraufnahme, trocken 220 mL/m²

  • Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktagen innerhalb Deutschland - Festland

    Insel Zustellung ca. 4-7 Werktagen.



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